Decorate your home with timeless sailboat models

Decorative sailboats and replicas are legendary. They are one of those elements that everyone recognizes and that make everyone express their admiration when they see one in a home, museum, store, etc. They’re also one of those elements that you wish you could have in your home but you’re not quite sure where you would place it or if it would fit in your existing décor.

Sailor decorView in gallery
Elegant and bright living room featuring a sailboat on the fireplace mantel

There are lots of ways in which you can integrate sailboats into your home’s interior décor. For example, you can have a beautiful sailboat on the fireplace mantel. Make sure it fits nicely and, if needed, secure it to the fireplace wall to avoid accidentally barging into it and having it fall on the floor. If you have a double height room or tall ceiling you hang the sailboat from the ceiling and allow it to be displayed in the center of the room, above the dining table, above the kitchen island or anywhere else you want.

Ship art wall viewView in gallery
Mediterranean living room with an oversized sailboat painting above the sofa
Kitchen island chandelier1View in gallery
Eclectic kitchen with a sailboat chandelier hanging above the island
Wall art ship roomView in gallery
Colorful kids’ room with nautical-themed interior and painted walls
Dining room ship accessoriesView in gallery
Elegant dining room featuring a sailboat model on the buffet
Coastal livingView in gallery
Modern living room with nautical-themed décor with two symmetrically placed captain’s wheels
Entryway design costal themeView in gallery
Bright entry hall with a sailboat model on the storage shelf
Worldmap wallView in gallery
Contemporary home office with map wallpaper and a sailboat model on the table
Living room costal themeView in gallery
Traditional family room featuring a small sailboat model on the fireplace mantel

You could also display your beautiful sailboat on the cabinet, on a high shelf or even on the table or desk. But in order to maintain a nautical interior décor you don’t even need a real sailboat or replica. You can also opt for an oversized painting representing a sailboat or for numerous other hints that send you to the same idea. In the kids’ bedroom you can have a pirate’s treasure map on the wall, nautical colors and all sorts of other similar elements. Let’s now take a look at a few interesting examples featuring decorative sailboats.

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