Decorate your home with an Arabic theme

Any home needs a main theme when you decide to redecorate it. Each theme has particularities and characteristics that make it unique and, even though some elements might be common to two or more themes, they are used differently each time and this makes the overall result original. If the theme you have decided to use is Arabic, then there are a few main things you should know about this style.

Arabic dining roomView in gallery
Elegant dining room featuring leaf-inspired windows with strong Arabic influences

Depending on whether you want a traditional Arabic décor or something with a modern twist, there are many options to explore. Most Arabic interior now focus on geometrical shapes. They are constantly used as a main element in interior decors and have become a part of the architecture as well. As for the furniture, it’s important to include ornate details, even if the style you have opted for is modern.

Arabic bathroomView in gallery
Arabic style bathroom with wall mosaics and imposing ornaments
Arabic bedroomView in gallery
Arabic-style bedroom featuring arches and beautiful patterns

For example, in the bedroom you could maintain an overall simple décor and opt for an ornate headboard representing the Arabic style.

Bedroom arabic styleView in gallery
Elegant Arabic-inspired bedroom featuring chocolate-colored curtains
Arabic bedroom1View in gallery
Colorful bedroom with ornate furniture and a stylish bathtub in the room
Arabic patio livingView in gallery
Inviting lounge area featuring a warm, Moroccan-inspired color palette
Arabic patio living1View in gallery
Outdoor terrace featuring rich, layered textiles and mixed patterns

The Arabic architecture is also defined by bold shapes and beautiful ornaments. So if you really want to bring this influence into your home, you could include arched doors and windows, columns and ornate details and moldings. You could also opt for a mosaic or, as a simpler alternative, for patterned wallpaper. Make sure you use bold colors such as blue and orange but, at the same time, try to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that is specific to this style.

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