Decorate your home with a rainbow of colors

Colorful interior decors are not only fun to design but also a great source of energy and inspiration. A colorful room is also a dynamic room. Of course, not all the rooms of the house can support such colorful decors. The bedroom, for example, is the area of the house that usually remains simple and neutral. But all the other rooms could definitely use a more cheerful look.

Rainbow kids roomView in gallery
A children’s playroom featuring rainbow shelving and bold decorations

The possibilities for introducing color into a room are diverse. You could paint the walls in a bright color or even in multiple colors. A striped accent wall would be a very interesting focal point for the décor. You can also use colorful wallpaper. But there are also numerous other solutions. For example, you could opt for colorful furniture. It doesn’t have to be anything complex. It can be something as simple as a series of colorful storage shelves, each featuring a different color. It can also be a bold-colored sofa or some eye-catching chairs.

Rainbow kids room designView in gallery
Kids’ bedroom with colorful wallpaper complemented by white furniture
Living room rainbow designView in gallery
Modern living room featuring an orange tray ceiling, colorful stripes and bold accent pieces
Diy colorful wall artView in gallery
Home office featuring an original rainbow made out of post-its
Modern rainbow living roomView in gallery
Fresh and colorful living room with a dynamic décor
Colorful pillowView in gallery
Modern living room featuring a neutral background and an array of colorful pillows

Another simple and fun way of adding some color to your home is to use colorful decorations and accessories. Artwork is always an easy way to go. There are also other possibilities. Some of the most common ways of adding color, texture and pattern to a room is by using throw pillows, rugs and colorful curtains. You can choose of these elements or you can combine them for a more dynamic effect.

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