Stylish Dining Room Sets And Designs For Contemporary Interiors

How would the perfect dining room look like if you were to design it for a contemporary home? Would it have a big table or a set of quirky chairs? Would it be simple and neutral or bold and intriguing? There are a lot of different options and solutions for this question. We’re offering you a series of interesting dining sets to take a look at and to help you make up your mind so take a look and pick your favorite.

Riva 1920 dining tableView in gallery

The Riva 1920 Falo dining table and the Falo stools coordinate perfectly in this case. Their sculptural bases makes them stand out and look really stylish when complemented by a minimalist glass top or simple and modern benches and chairs.

Glass top dining tableView in gallery

Here’s another example of a dining table that has a glass top. This type, it’s an oval table with a sleek base built of steel which can either be chromed or painted. The white finish allows it here to blend in while its minimalist design look exquisite on this textured rug.

Tom dixon dining table abstract paintingView in gallery

The Tom Dixon dining table is definitely impressive, mostly because of its size. The simple and modern design makes it versatile and this allows it to be combined with numerous dining chair designs, such as the Gio Ponti Superleggera Chairs used here. What we find particularly interesting is that there are three black chairs on one side of the table and three white ones on the other.

Saarinen dining room furnitureView in gallery

In some cases, the dining chairs can become the focal point of the room. For example, the table is not particularly interesting in this case but the Saarinen Executive chairs give the dining room a particularly inviting and comfortable look.

Modern dining room designView in gallery

And speaking of chairs, we came across a really interesting idea: to combine two similar designs such as these Dowel armchairs which complement a set of Eames Molded Plastic chairs. Their designs are quite similar and the fact that they also share the same color makes the combination really subtle.

Alta moda dining furnitureView in gallery

But even if the chairs are interesting and outstanding, featuring eye-catching designs and details, the dining table can steal their thunder if its design, color, shape or finish makes it stand out more. This set of tables by AltaModa are a really good example.

Acrylic furniture and tom tixon lightingView in gallery

Acrylic furniture is intriguing for a variety of reasons. In this case, the clear dining chairs keep the room airy and spacious-looking. They don’t obstruct the table from showcasing its design so a set of transparent chairs could be an ideal option for complementing a dining table with an interesting base design.

Moooi random light over dining tableView in gallery

A lot of contemporary interiors utilize clean and simple lines and play with geometric forms. So a dining table with a clean, rectangular top and a sculptural base and a set of chairs that share similar attributes seems like a lovely combination.

Modern dining rooms splash of green colorView in gallery

But not all contemporary dining areas have to be so sharp and cold. You can make this space a comfortable and welcoming nook and use it to create a contrast with the neutral and minimalist kitchen for example. The Thompson chairs definitely offer character to this particular dining area.