Eggs-cellent Egg DIY Decor for Your Home

When you think of Easter, what comes to mind? Vasefuls of flowers? A bow tie clad bunny? Hidden plastic eggs? Possibly all of the above. Which means you’ll probably look to the flowers and rabbits to decorate your home for Easter. But you should know that it’s very simple to incorporate eggs into your decorating as well. Whether they’re plastic, wood or the real deal, they can be colored according to your color scheme and made into all sorts of decor. Take a look at these 10 eggs-cellent egg DIYs and get ready to deck your home in Easter eggs.

Easter egg wreath

If you don’t already have an Easter egg wreath, you might want to get on this. You can find everything you need at the craft store. Then just glue away until you’re satisfied with your wreath’s result. (via Crafts n Coffee)

Easter egg garland

If you have kids or had kids, you probably have a collection of plastic colored eggs stowed away in a box. Give them a second life as a garland on your mantle or above your dining room’s buffet. They will not only decorate well, they’ll give you lots of memories. (via Eclectically Vintage)

Happy Easter Egg Shells Candle

For the superior crafter, I dare you to make these candles in real eggshells. Put in a ceramic egg carton and it will make the best addition to your dining room table. (via Gruszka z Fartuszka)

branches decorated for easter

I’m always a fan of bringing the outdoors in, especially in the spring! If you have a blooming bush in your yard, cut some branches long and place them in a vase. Then hang your eggs to create the prettiest Easter tree ever. (via Alixia)

Easter plates decor

Hosting an Easter brunch is decidedly one of the most fun events to decorate for. Use some wooden eggs, paint and stickers to make simple initial place cards this year. Bonus points if your initials are sparkly. (via A Kailo Chic Life)

Easter eggs topiary

When you want to decorate for Easter but prefer to keep things natural, opt for coloring your eggs blue or leaving them white. Then just glue them with some moss onto a styrofoam cone to make a gorgeous egg topiary that you’ll want to leave out all spring long. (via Sand a
nd Sisal)

Easter egg wall hanging

Eggs aren’t just for gluing. They’re for hanging too! You can whip up this pretty egg wall hanging in a few hours. That includes dying and stringing and all. How can you not? (via Pretty Prudent)

DIY color blocked eggs

Looking for a super simple yet colorful egg project? Choose your favorite pastels and paint some wooden eggs color block style. They’ll be useful for filling decorative bowls and topping cakes and strewing across your Easter brunch table. (via Simply Designing)

DIY easter egg bouquet

Speaking of an Easter brunch table, I have a suggestion. This year, forgo the floral centerpiece in favor of an egg bouquet like this! You can follow the instructions to make the one above or create one from your own imagination. (via Frugal Mom Eh!)

DIY easter egg planters

Plastic eggs are good for holding candy and, it turns out, baby succulents too. I promise that your guests for Easter will adore a tiny plant much more than jellybeans. (via A Kailo Chic Life)