Decorate with Buddha statues and representations

Interior décor that includes cultural or religious symbols is a delicate subject and it’s not easy to form an opinion when you’re not exactly an expert in the domain. However, such representations have lately become less related to religion and more inclined towards art in general. For example, Buddha art is diverse and includes lots of different types of representations.

Buddha bathroom muralView in gallery
Asian bathroom interior featuring a large Buddha mural

Buddha statues are very popular and not only in the Buddhist regions. The representation of Buddha is a very important artistic element in many Asian culture and not only. Depending on the region, these representations differ but they always have something in common. Since Buddha is an icon that is thought to bring good luck and prosperity to those that display it, it quickly became a popular décor element in temples but also in private homes.

Buddha bathroom designView in gallery
Modern bathroom with a Buddha statue that adds drama and style to the décor
Asian entryway designView in gallery
Asian-style entryway featuring Buddha statues and sculptures
Buddha designView in gallery
Semi-detached Asian-inspired entry with a custom console table displaying Buddha representations
Buddha bedroomView in gallery
Eclectic bedroom with pitched roof and Asian-inspired décor details
Buddha statuete designView in gallery
Modern hall featuring two dramatic Buddha statues placed side by side
Yellow buddha designView in gallery
Elegant entry decorated with gold accents and a Buddha statue
Buddha living roomView in gallery
Asian-inspired living room featuring colorful accents and a beautifully displayed Buddha statue
Dining room design buddha styleView in gallery
Modern dining room decorated with black and white and a beautiful Buddha sculpture
Living room buddha designView in gallery
Modern living room featuring elegant decorations and a Buddha statue on a pedestal
Room with buddha muralView in gallery
Simple and modern living room featuring an oversized Buddha painting
Buddha design living roomView in gallery
Chic and serene bedroom with delicate decorations and an inspiring Buddha statue

But these statues and representation are not always displayed just because they bring good luck. These superstitions are still present but they don’t always represent the main reason for using them as accent element in our homes. It’s the symbolism that remains strong as well as the fact that Buddha is a strong figure in all kinds of artwork. Usually, with these representations comes drama, whether it’s a statue we’re talking about, a mural or some other kind of artwork.

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