Decorate using black and white stripes

There is much appeal when you use black and white stripes in any environment. This is in fact considered as the most wonderful decoration as it adds much to the lighting.The perfect combination of black and white strips will maximize the interior. There are many advantages with black and white stripes such as the entire background will look very beautiful and secondly, this will also leave a neat and clean view to your room.

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Where exactly you can use black and white strips is also a question whereas this looks very grand and nice on floor, on the walls and also for interiors.

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Decorate using black and white stripesView in gallery

So choosing best combination of black and white stripes is very much appreciated as it looks ever new always. Further cleaning up or giving a revised look periodically is also very easy.While there is a very low maintenance requirement in black and white stripes, many would like to prefer this because of the excellent décor it offers to the environment.

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In a way it can also give a very special and appealing look to the interior and further some of the added features could be to affix a poster, arrange flowers, flower pots or a designed ceramic pot.

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The more creative ideas you have in using black and white stripes, the better will be your interior giving lot of scope for perfection.Although this is quite an old trend, it continues to retain its demand because of the extremely perfect style it adds to the interior.{first 3 pics from here,4,5,and 6}.