10 Ways To Repurpose Old Tableware In DIY Projects

Everyone has some old plates or some old flatware they no longer use or they want to get rid of so they can get new one and, sadly, the old pieces end up in the trash bin. But have you considered the alternative? You can repurpose these things and use them in all sorts of creative projects. Not sure how you could do that? Have a look at these suggestions.

How you can recycle old plates:

Recycle old plates and turn them into wall eye cathing designView in gallery

Well, one idea can be to turn them into wall décor but not the usual way, for the interior of your home. Use them to decorate the outside of your garden shed or garage and hang them on the exterior walls. Wouldn’t that end up being the most unusual facade?

Flower big plate designView in gallery

With a big plate, two tiny ones and a little bit of paint you can make some lovely garden art. How cute is this owl? You can also create your own designs and combine the plates however you want. You could, for example, make some unusual flowers.

Old plate into a bid feederView in gallery

Turn an old plate into a bird feeder and hang it from a branch in your backyard or garden. If you want, you can also decorate the feeder and personalize it a little bit. The tricky part is making the holes for the chain or rope to go through.

China plater wall designView in gallery

If you happen to have a China platter you’d like to get out of the cabinet then you can turn it into wall décor. You’ll also need an empty knife handle which you can turn into a tiny vase attached to the platter.

Repurposing spoons and forks.

Bunch of spoonsView in gallery

A bunch of spoons tied in a bouquet can hang from your ceiling and become light fixture or they can simply serve as unusual decorations. You can spray paint the spoons if you don’t like the original look.

Wall clock spool and forksView in gallery

Get a bunch of spoons, forks and knives and decorate an old wall clock. They can each be painted a different color for a more eye-catching look.

Plastic Spoon wrapp around mirrorView in gallery

This is something you can make with lots of plastic spoons and a lot of patience. It’s a cool way to decorate a mirror frame and you can make the flower-like portion as big and as colorful as you’d like.

Plastic spoons eye cathing designView in gallery

Something like this can also be made using plastic spoons. You can attach them all to a round foam core or something similar using glue. They’d look even more interesting if you’d paint them a bold color or even several different colors.

Old forks on reclaimed woodView in gallery

Turn old forks into hooks for a coat hanger you can make yourself from scratch. Yo need a piece of driftwood or a plank, a few forks, some nails and something to bend the forks with so they get this funky look.

Entryway hooksView in gallery

Individual forks or spoons can be attached to small wooden blocks to make hooks for the entryway. They can be your new key holders and they can each have a different color: one for each member of the family.