12 Ways to Decorate a Thanksgiving Mantel You’ll Be Thankful For

Once Fall hits, it suddenly becomes extremely easy to decorate your home. Especially your fireplace mantel. October fills it with colored leaves and black bats for Halloween. And now it’s November. While you might think that your Halloween mantel display can flow seamlessly into Thanksgiving, sans Jack-O-Lanterns, the question is… why would you let it? Thanksgiving is a whole different holiday and not only does it deserve to be treated with care, it provides another opportunity to redecorate! You can’t say no to reasons like that. So clear off your mantel, give it a good dusting and check out these 12 ways to decorate your mantle for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Fireplace Mantel Decoration

Mirrors make such a pretty backdrop for any interior vignette. When it comes to your mantle, use some mirrors to catch all the Autumn light left and give some real depth to your mantel display. (via White Living)

Decorate the fireplace mantel with empty frames

Frames are a dime a dozen at your local thrift store. Pick up the shiniest ones and use them to bring some height and grandeur to your mantel. Your fireplace will instantly become the center of attention in your living room. (via Everyday Lovely)

Large sign above fireplace

Thanksgiving is about family and nostalgia. Encourage that by hanging a large sign featuring your favorite phrase or Bible verse above your fireplace. A well placed pumpkin and a candle and you’ll be done! (via The Lettered Cottage)

Give thanks banner above the fireplace

For you DIYers, raid your thrifted collection for a pair of windows or shutters to bring the vintage element to the mantel party. They make great pieces to hang photos or a banner on. (via The Lilypad Cottage)

Be Thankful Wood Sign

With a little wood, a little paint and a little effort, you can create a sign like this that will bring some natural colors and textures to your mantel. You better brush up your calligraphy first. (via I Heart Nap Time)

Give thanks mantel banner

A banner is another great project that’s perfect for Thanksgiving. You can easily make one in a few hours and have your mantel looking all new and spiffy by supper. (via The Frugal Homemaker)

Faux taxidermy mantel

Taxidermy isn’t on trend… but faux taxidermy is! Go for the cardboard set of antlers or a stuffed head like the one above and you’ll immediately add a sense of deep woods cabin to your space while staying chic and modern. (via @2ladiesandachair)

Fall Harvest Chalkboard Mantel

I have a thing for chalkboards. They are so versatile and when you use them in your vignettes, it makes customization a breeze. It’s no different for your Autumn mantel. (via Nest of Posies)

Painted mantel pumpkins

Grab all the little pumpkins you have decorating the house, paint them white and use them to spell a word on your mantel. Whether it’s “Thanks” or “Gather” or “Family”, they will give a great option for down low decor. (via A Diamond In The Stuff)

Simple thanksgiving mantel

Maybe you cleared off your mantel and kinda like it that way. Choose your decor wisely and only add a few pieces that are meaningful to you for a clean look. You’ll probably be grateful for the simplicity come Christmas. (via Dear Lillie)

Multi holiday thanksgiving mantel

Do you pride yourself in a mantel display that is seamless from holiday to season to holiday. That’s okay! Go for neutral colors and metallic pieces that will carry you through Fall, into Christmas, all the way to Valentine’s Day. (via Fox Hollow Cottage)

Thrifty thanksgiving mantel

Are you looking at your mantel thinking you don’t have the budget for Thanksgiving decor? My advice, shop your house. Once your mantel is cleared off, take bits and pieces from other places in your home to create a whole new display for free. (via The Bungalow)