Decorate a living room around coffee table

Decorating your home within the space available is sure no rocket science but does require a certain amount of creativity. When you have your coffee table set in the centre of the room you could set up your sofa encircling the table for some quality family time or uninterrupted reading sessions. This said and done make sure that you do not place the couch in such a way that there is no moving space between the walls and the couch. The sofa needs to be strategically placed in the centre around the coffee table giving sufficient leg space as well as providing an equally comfortable distance to move around behind the sofa until the wall or any other bookshelves adorning the wall.

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In case you have just the sofa and the coffee table in the room then a four-inch gap between the backside of the sofa or chairs and the wall would suffice to let your other family members or friends move about with ease.

Round coffe table

In case you have set up a bookshelf against the wall then a distance of around eighteen inches between the back of the couch or chair to the front of the bookshelf would allow easy access to the books arranged on the shelves. In yet another case where you have cupboards or drawers in the shelf then you would need to give a gap of at least around thirty-six inches between the back of the couch to the front side of the cupboard or draw.

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You could also use a few castor cups on the legs of your sofa and chairs to keep them from moving and damaging the floor. These kinds of cups would be available in any hardware store and are available in various sizes and they can be bought to suit your furniture needs. Hence, make sure to make the best possible arrangement around your coffee table to make it look spectacular and yet be comfortable.{picture 1, 2,and 3}.