Décor Tips for Those Who Travel Often

If you are not at home much, you might not find the idea of investing in furniture appealing since you’re hardly at home to enjoy it. However, this is where your beautifully styled home can become an oasis of calm in a frenetic lifestyle. Here are some tips for choosing the right décor if you are always on the move, with the aim to help you enjoy your home when you’re in it while making it easy to maintain.

Turn it into a Getaway.

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Tune into Relaxation

When you do get time to be at home, make sure your home instils a sense of calm. This should form part of your décor mantra. One of the important ways to achieve this is to turn off electronics when you enter the bedroom. If you can’t escape all your gadgets, or your bedroom doubles up as a study, invest in a room divider so that you can relax without stressful distractions.

Bring no Baggage!

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Summery Curtains are Light and Tranquil

If you move homes often, it’s not practical to have heavy upholstery to carry with you. Opt for light fabrics when it comes to bedding and your curtains. These make your moving job much easier while looking beautiful wherever they are.

Choose Furniture that Works Extra Hard.

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Storage Options in Sight

It’s also a good idea to choose double-duty items that have more than one function to make them versatile investment pieces. This could include benches that offer storage inside or kitchen cupboards that house appliances. A fun idea is to make use of your ceiling panelling, in which you can store books, CDs, or other items.

Easy Maintenance Items.

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Laminate Looks like Wood and is Easy to Look After

If you don’t spend much time at home, you don’t want to incur expenses due to furniture getting spoiled. The time you spend at home is precious and shouldn’t be filled with cleaning! So, make sure you choose user-friendly flooring. Easy to maintain flooring options include stained concrete that contains a protective sealer. Laminate and hardwood floors are also easy to clean.

Use Slip Covers.

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Slip Covers Transform Chairs to Match Your Design Desires

Slip covers are great for regular travellers. Not only do they prevent stains from harming your investment pieces, but you can change them often for a fabulous new décor look, without much investment or time, which is great if you don’t have those at your disposal.

Avoid the Clutter.

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Hooks Remove the Need for Heavy Storage

To help make it easier to avoid clutter, design your home in such a way that you can hang things on the walls. Hooks can be for practical items such as your keys as well as décor pieces. When placed simultaneously on the wall, the result is something eye-pleasing, as can be seen in the image of a crafts room.

Keep Your Eye Open for Décor Additions.

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A Wonder Wall of Travel Mementos

When you’re traveling, keep an eye out for interesting mementos that could work as décor items in your home. These are great and easy ways to add beauty to your home that has a special meaning for you.

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Set the Scene Naturally

Another idea to uplift your home without bringing nature indoors is to open it up to nature that’s right outside your window. The minute you arrive home, you’ll be able to enjoy the scene that’s right in front of you. Talk about invigorating!

Choose Minimal Design.

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Open, Comforting Space in Minimalist Design

As a regular traveller you don’t want to invest in décor trends that will go out of style before you’ve had a chance to really enjoy them. Choose classic options for décor, such as leather chairs and a strong, sustainable coffee table, that will look gorgeous for many years to come without requiring updates. You can always add color or interesting pieces of movable décor, such as in the form of cushions, if you wish. But ultimately, the foundation of a classic design is there and it spells beautiful minimalist décor that really is quite effortless.

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