Deconstructed Lighting Fixtures for an Edgy Industrial Vibe

Industrial style can take many different forms, but I think it’s literally the bare bones that reveals true industrial style. Exposed brick walls, ductwork, and concrete, for example, are tell-tale components of an industrial space. Similarly, lighting fixtures play a huge role in carrying the style through a space.

Floor lamp vintage style
Deconstructed lighting – basically, any light that has been taken apart or reconfigured to become something new – has come front-and-center in the industrial décor scene. Here are some creative examples of this type of lighting, from pendants to lamps to bare bulbs. Check them out to see if your next lighting purchase or project might be using less to create more!

Wall hanging cords lighting
When we think “deconstructed lamp,” we think of a lighting fixture where the bulb itself is emphasized. Exposed hanging bulbs are not too uncommon these days, but this form of lighting represents the ultimate deconstructed lamp.

Industrial lamp
Much like the contemporary manner of keeping windows curtain-less, stripping a lighting fixture down to its bare bones is a chic modern way to maximize the available light.

Deconstructed lamp off

Pair a deconstructed lamp with a vintage item, such as this worn red suitcase, for an unbeatable hard-working industrial style.

Vintage lamp fell
Authentic vintage industrial pieces, like these rusty metal cages, look fantastic when atop a pair of treated candlesticks. Wired for lighting, this pair of table lamps would provide a great edgy vibe to any space.

Geometric lamp
Of course, there’s no harm in re-creating a deconstructed vibe…especially when the end result is a fantastically artistic lighting display.

Orb lamp
Using thick-gauge wire, an abstract orb pendant can be created and enjoyed as an industrial masterpiece. (Full tutorial is available here).

Cocnrete lamp
A modern exposed light bulb on a concrete base is the basis of this edgy table lamp. Not exactly deconstructed, but it’s got a similar vibe.

Craft room lamp
Spray painted wire transforms a potentially pathetic-looking pendant into a showstopper! Even small-scale lamps can pack a big punch when they’re deconstructed in this way.

Porcelain horse lamp
Taking a non-lamp item, such as this porcelain horse head statue, and creating a lamp out of it is another form of a deconstructed lamp. Though less obvious than a lamp with an exposed bulb, this is a great way to introduce interesting shapes and colors while still maintaining that cool industrial feel in a space.