Decluttering Ideas For Every Countertop Surface In Your Home

We all have flat surfaces in our various homes and at one point or the other, you have been tempted to dump items on these surfaces. It could be folded laundry, school work, purse and even jewelries. If it is in the kitchen, there could be kitchen items, stacks of mails, electrical appliances or event the children’s craft projects lying on the surfaces. Even the bathroom and the laundry room are not left out of these cluttering. You don’t always have to engage in a major cleanup before you eat on your dining room table every given night. With the tips listed below, having clutter-free surfaces in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry room is a possibility.

great room countertops clean
Keep you kitchen countertops free of clutter

Reduce the number of countertop appliances in your kitchen:

You don’t necessarily have to clutter your kitchen’s countertop with every appliance you can lay your hands on in order to rate it as being fully functional. You can maintain a sleek and functional kitchen with just one or a couple of appliances on the flat surfaces. The tea pot can always stand on the surface but for those appliances that you make use of less often, have them stacked in the shelves or cabinets as soon as you finish making use of them. For the appliances you are sure you no longer need but they occupy unnecessary space on the flat surfaces, get rid of them.

kitchen countertops clean
Create a kitchen that you can find items quickly

Keep your bathroom countertop clear of items:

Gone are those days when the bathroom countertop is cluttered with different types of soaps, lotions, mouthwash and other toiletries. In this modern world, it makes an eyesore. This means that whether they are products and items you use daily or not, they should not be on the countertop. You can create additional storage spaces under the sink where you can store the items and retrieve them when needed. You can even get a pocket organizer that could be hung from the wall and put your shampoos, lotions and soaps there. In order to make more space for the necessities, get rid of those products that are expired or worn out.

bathroom countertops clean idea
An organized bathroom countertop
kids bathroom countertops clean
Kids bathroom countertops can stay clear of clutter too!

Declutter the laundry room:

Simply because it is called a laundry room does not mean you should heap clothes on the flat surfaces in the room. Have shelves and cabinets installed where items can be conveniently kept. Instead of throwing dirty clothes on the countertops, there should be baskets strategically placed under the work surfaces to hold the dirty clothes till they are washed. After being dried, fold the washed clothes and put them where they should be instead of living them on the countertop surface.

laundry room clean counter
Your laundry room can be functional and beautiful

For a minimalist approach to organization, consider decluttering surfaces throughout your home. Whether your kitchen could use more usable cooking and prep surfaces, or your bathroom has just one too many accessories on the counter, use these helpful tips. A clear counter can help you find items faster and leave your home more functional than you ever thought.

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