Deckstools Recycled Skateboard Furniture

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Nowadays there are many and many Skateboard graphic designs, and a partof these Recycled Skateboards can be used for a practical pupose – that of obtaining furniture. Inspired by the way that skateboards consistently break, designer and craftsman Jason Podlaski hand selected broken board parts, and built every stool in his Pennsylvania factory. As you can see from the photos, the skateboards are taken and shaped so as to match the edges and then glued together and turned into stools. You don’t even have to paint them because their original design is perfect as a distinctive feature for this type of furniture. Besides, recycling is fashionable again these days and many people try to find some practical ideas and not waste wood and save trees in order to fight pollution. And if this means to have a funny deck stool made of three old skateboards, this is perfectly fine with me. I actually love them.