DC 90 chair and DC 290 Sofa

The DC 90 chair and DC 290 Sofa by Vincenzo De Cotiis is something that every person will love to own. The very look of the sofa and chair is classy and exudes comfort. The chair has been designed impressively with the use of two stemming legs from each extreme edge of it. It comes with a comfortable cushion. The sofa is extremely beautiful, designed in trendy black, perfect for all people who love to live in style and luxury.

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The unusual shape of the legs make these pieces of furniture really special and unique. I mean the chairs I know don’t normally get noticed because if their legs, but because of their design or comfort, but these chairs seem to have both. As for the sofa, this big and comfy sofa is covered with leather and has many cushions to offer you the perfect place for a relaxing evening.

Dc 90 chair and dc 290 sofa 2

Any way, this combination of chair and sofa is really inspired and they show modernism, youth and, why not, masculinity. That is why I have the feeling it would be better fit in a male’s home.