‘Day’ Living Room Design from Diotti A&F Italy

Living Rooms and spaces are the core living area in the house and therefore it is important that the designers work up their magic to come with a special living plan. ‘Day’ a living room design from Diotti A&F Italy is a good example of how the colors white and green can be used in a combination to make the living spaces more attractive.

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The décor quality along with the availability of space makes this living area very very functional as well. The aim was to seek a blend of modernity and exclusivity and with ‘Day’ from Diotti A&F Italy, the same has been achieved.

Room Design from Diotti AF Italy 4

Here are some very beautiful and modern living room design ideas. The shelves and storage pieces are really interesting and they are also very versatile. The cube-shaped wall feature is really interesting in terms of design and color.

Room Design from Diotti AF Italy 2

Room Design from Diotti AF Italy 1

It’s a very functional collection and it’s very functional as well. It allows you to use your imagination and creativity and create some really interesting images. The thing about these living room collections is that they are extremely simple, minimalist even, and they still manage to stand out and to look beautiful and attractive. The colors used are vibrant and beautiful. The combinations are equilibrated and the result is surprisingly great. The collection incorporates plenty of storage space and it’s no need for extra decorations because the furniture itself is decorative.