Day Bed One

Normally you have a family bed in the bedroom and a sofa in the living room. Your guests can use the sofa to sleep on at times when they stay overnight, but this will not offer them a comfortable sleep, but only a place to put the head down. However, sometimes a sofa is simply not the best choice for the living room and in this case you should consider purchasing a day bed instead, especially you have friends who are used to spend the night over to your house.

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You can use this bed for different things during day or night by simply moving its cushion. Put it against the wall and you will have a comfortable place to lean on while watching TV and put it on the side at night for getting a cosy single bed. It is very useful either way.


The base of the bed is made of wood, of European oak to be more precise and the top is actually a very comfortable mattress together with a head cushion. Actually you don’t even have to use them together until you need a bed, as you can use the wooden base as a coffee table because its legs are pretty short and it looks just like one. Only the mattress on makes you look at it like a bed. The mattress is a bit special, as it is made by Naturalmat and has a Latex core, wrapped in a wool cover. You can purchase it now for  €1265-€2215 (Euro Price) or  $1750-$3060 (USD Price) – the mattress must be purchased separately.