David Stark Wood Slices Plates Set

We, people, show our age by the wrinkles we have on our faces, more or less visible. But trees show their age by the rings they add to the inside of the trunk. And you can find this age only after cutting them down. It is a very interesting pattern and very original , so some people thought it would be nice to borrow this pattern and place it on different object, like dinner plates for example.

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The designer David Stark found this very attractive and reproduced the circles you can see in the wood slices on this David Stark Wood Slices Plates Set.The plates in this dinnerware set bring the natural touch of the wood on your table and the simple and nice design make the plates look amazingly original.

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They are made of white porcelain and the tree rings are drawn in a gentle shade of brown, creating a nice visual effect. Each plate is different from the other one and they are safe to clean in the dishwasher. However, the material used for the design does not allow you to use them in the microwave oven, so make sure you respect all the instructions. A set contains four such plates and can be bought now for $56.