Dark hardwood floors, an elegant and strong choice for any room of the house

Hardwood floors are always a great element of interior design for any type of home. They have a set of characteristics such as the fact that they’re durable and strong but also elegant and beautiful. It’s a perfect combination. Dark hardwood floors are a more restraint category and they usually help create décors that are based on contrasts.This main element partially dictates the rest of the décor but its versatility makes it wonderful for almost any room of the house. For example:

1. The entryway.

Dark floor bedroom

This is a transitional area and it’s the space that everyone first sees when entering a home. It’s almost like a reflection of the entire house. So if you opt for an elegant and well-balanced interior décor for the rest of the room, the entryway should include some elements that are common for all the spaces. Dark hardwood floors might be the simple answer you’re looking for.

2. The living room.

Dark floor bedroom

Whether you opt for a traditional or a contemporary interior décor for your living room, dark hardwood floors are always a wonderful option. In an open space living room, the dark hardwood floors would look even more beautiful if used to create elegant contrasts with the furniture and the walls. So you can create a décor based on the permanent balance between dark and bright color shades.

3. The kitchen.

Dark floor bedroom

Even though they’re not as common as tiled floors, hardwood floors are also often used for the kitchen. It’s a great choice especially in the case of open floor plans that include the kitchen and living area. By using hardwood floors throughout this space you create a sense of continuity and the décor becomes cohesive and well-balanced. This particular kitchen has an almost all-black décor with white, beige and steel accents.

4. The bedroom.

Dark floor bedroom

The bedroom is a serene, calm and relaxing space and it’s why the most commonly used colors are white and soft pastels. However, a little touch of black or other dark shades wouldn’t interfere with the atmosphere but would only create visual contrasts and would make some of the elements stand out. Dark hardwood floors in the bedroom usually look beautiful in combination with white or grey walls and with simple furniture.

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