Dark decoration for living room

Are you updating your living room? Do you want to impart a unique look so that the room establishes a distinct statement? Well, if this is the case, then you need to think out of the box.

Most of the people decorate their living room brightly with vibrant colors. The bright décor theme definitely looks good but this is what is followed by the common mass. One of the unique décor themes that you can use to decorate your living room is dark decoration. Dark decoration is simply a contemporary theme. You can easily make the place inviting as well as cozy. In addition, you need not worry for introduction of varied colors, and you are free to play with the contrasts.

Modern dark living room

1) It is doubtless that floors of the room contribute majorly in creating the look of the room. Needless to be mentioned, but for dark decoration, you need to have dark floors. Dark floors simply imply that you need to avoid white and creams. If you are hesitant to change the floors, you may cover the floors with dark color area rugs. Ensure that the rugs are wall to wall rugs.

2) Dress the walls of the room in a dark pastel color. The dark color need not be always “black”. Some other dark colors that are good selections are dark grey, purple, chocolate brown and deep maroon.

Modern dark living room

3) If you have selected dark dull shades for the walls, the furniture pieces have to be in contrasting colors. Introduce furniture pieces in monotone shades with varied patterns and textures. It is always advised to avoid complete white furniture pieces as it would appear grey in dim lighting. Ideal selection is to choose furniture in light brown or wooden shades.

Modern dark living room

4) For the lighting fixtures, employ focusable and accent lighting fixtures with dimmer switches. Alternatively, you may place a series of lamps around the room. Lamps not only look rich and classic, but they also look aesthetic.

5) Lastly, you need to accessorize the room so that it looks complete. Display pictures or art frames on the wall featuring a white or cream border. You may place a green potted plant on the corner table or simply place a stack of magazines or books on any spare table top.