Dallas House in The Garden by Cunningham Architects

The house in the garden is located in Dallas in the State of Texas in United States.  The project was launched in the year 2006.In essence the project was the result of intense collaboration between the architects, clients, and the landscape specialists; all providing a great deal of thought. Basic idea was to have a functional house that will combine informal family gatherings with large social functions.

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Design of the house was dominated by the client’s affinity for blue color. It was incorporated in most of the dominating elements of the garden and the house. House of garden is a free standing addition to the modern house standing by the side.

In developing the garden, existing Red Oak and Elm trees were retained. It not only enlarged the garden but offered screening for privacy. The house is covered on three sides with rain screen systems while the south façade is glazed in frameless and insulated glass units incorporating two eight foot wide sliding glass doors.

Final touch to the architectural excellence is the connectors throughout the garden providing transition from the street to the house.

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