Dalian Shell Museum

I like unique things because they are one of a kind and especially because some people had the nerve to imagine something different and to stand for their idea until they have accomplished it. Dalian Shell Museum is the perfect example for my words, as it is a singular building, designed by some very creative architects and designers. Even the name is both a hint and a part of reality, as this museum really houses over 5,000 kinds of precious shells from all over the world, but it also has the shape of a shell.

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Actually the building is covered by multiple shells that overlap each other looking spectacularly together and being just a symbol of what lies underneath the roof. This unique museum is located in Dalian province, China and covers more than 18,000 square meters of land.

The outside of the building is mainly made of glass and stainless steel, so it reflects the surrounding environment perfectly, looking green or blue in turns. It looks transparent from the inside and lets the natural light of the sun go inside, but at the same time reflects it and “borrows” the color of the sky or of the nature around it. If you ask my opinion I will say only one word: “spectacular”. Oh, and it reminds me somehow of the Opera House in Sydney, Australia. I guess it’s due to the shape.

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