Dainty, Feminine Tea Time Color Combinations

Maybe you’re inviting the girls over for some catching up or you’re just truly inspired by soft colors, fresh florals and dainty designs of tea time. Whichever the case, we’ve made a list of our favorite color combinations for a tea time inspired room, nook or event. Roses, blush pink, cups and saucers and maybe a secondhand vase or two, are all inspired by the wonderfully dainty, feminine tea time designs. Take a look!

1. Blue & Gold.

Yellow outdoor tableView in gallery

A bit more refined and sophisticated, blue and gold can definitely make a splash. Use this combination for an inside get together or during the fall and winter months when colors are more subdued. We love the cream and blue china paired with the accents of lemon and honey on the table. Remember, even the edibles on your party’s tablescape are part of the design.

2. Salmon and Lavender.

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For a more unique combination, try out salmon and lavender. The pair looks wonderful on a setting on crisp whites and it’s a lighter, more playful duo. It’s still dainty and feminine but has a bit of a flirty, eclectic appeal as well for those with edgier tastes. Use fresh lavender to not only add that warm, beautiful tone to the table but the wonderful aroma as well.

3. Blush & Cream.

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One of the most traditional tea time color combos is blush pink and creamy white. It’s timeless, it’s feminine and it’ll make any room look and feel simple and pretty. And you can use them however you like! Use blush and your foundation color and use creams as the accents or vice versa, you simple cannot go wrong with this classy duo.

4. Red & Pink.

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Vibrant and fun, red and pink work well together to create a cherry ambiance. Perfect for birthday parties or just for a lively feel, this duo is complimenting because they’re from the same family but it also adds depth from the contrasting brightness. We love it paired with a crisp white so it pops right off the table!

5.Green & Yellow.

Yellow outdoor tableView in gallery

For something extra springlike, try out greens and yellows. Mint green, grass green or evergreen pair well with all the variety of yellow shades so just use what you love. It’s a unique take on a traditional tea party but it’s still delicate and pretty! Plus, we all love tea parties during the warmer months and this sings spring!

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