Dainty And Unique Apartment – Concrete Minimalism

If you are looking for an apartment which is out of ordinary, this apartment – “Concrete Minimalism” can be a good source of inspiration to you. Constructed in a premium area of Madrid by the Abaton Architects, the apartment is a true epitome of classis Scandinavian design and minimalistic interiors.

Madid interior design apartment

Decorated in the loft style, concrete has been used abundantly throughout the house in order to impart a unique artistic touch to the structure. Grey, white and green are the three colors which have been evenly used throughout the house. Concrete baseboards and beam cut through the wall high above the wall of the open living room to visually divide the spaces.

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Minimalistic design and well chosen pieces of contemporary furniture add a lot of personality to the house without disturbing the natural beauty of the concrete house. Cabinets and wardrobes stand on wide legs and have been intricately crafted out of unpolished wood to get the classic feel. Low lying coffee tables have been blended with exquisite woven mats with dull finish and sink-in lounging chair and comfortable sofa to create an impressive living room. Large glass windows with stainless steels besides looking spectacular also allow in the outdoor natural light to travel indoors.{found on nuevo-estilo}