Czech Mid-century Coffee Table

I love modern furniture, but somehow I feel that old furniture, at least 50 years old has a certain patina that gives it respectability, style and something that attracts people around it. It that air of nobility that glows around those objects belonging to the royal family, those objects that were inherited from generation to generation. This beautiful Czech Mid-century Coffee Table is a beautiful piece of furniture that will embellish every living room. It is very simple in design, yet it draws attention thanks to the style and elegance.

45A tab 300The legs of the table are made of solid beech and look very elegant, thin and graceful even. The table top is an interesting combination of beech trim and white formica that looks great in a modern, but also in a traditional living room. The table is a bit too high for my taste, but some people like it this way. It is authentic and it was made in the Czech Republic some time back, in the middle of the twentieth century. It’s beautiful and draws attention and it is a complete item since it is both useful and functional, but also very decorative. If you like the item and wat it badly, you can purchase it from the web site for $800.