Cyprus Home Responds To Its Environment With A Modern Design

The focus for Vardastudio Architects & Designers is on making each project a direct response to its environmental conditions so when the practice started working on this unusual residence in Paphos, Cyprus, they gave it their best.

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The house offers a total living space of 384 square meters organized on three levels. The most interesting aspect of the project is the fact that the site is a steep hillside and the house is half buried into the slope, using the soil as insulation.

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Given the location, the way the spaces are organized is not exactly conventional. The entry is at the top level and there’s a garage on the roof. But all of these details come as responses to the unusual nature of the surrounding environment.

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The kitchen, the living room and the dining space have access to a swimming pool and a terrace. They feature floor-to-ceiling glass walls and windows that capture the mesmerizing views of the sea and the overall décor is simple and very efficient at emphasizing what really matters.

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The white kitchen is a fresh, clean and pure space and the glass walls emphasize the overall brightness of the space by letting the light and views become part of the interior.

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Secondary spaces such as the storage areas and the bathrooms are situated at the deepest parts of the plan on each of the three levels. This allows the social areas and the bedrooms to benefit from the gorgeous exposure to panoramic views.

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The second floor houses three bedrooms, all with access to balconies, while the master bedroom is situated on the third level. The bottom floor opens onto a beautiful backyard.

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A series of cantilevered verandas extend from the house towards the sea. The kitchen has access to an al fresco dining area and the main social spaces have sliding glass doors that connect them to the pool and terrace.

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Cyprus residence rooftop garageView in gallery

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The rooftop garage is wrapped in vertical louvers that allow it to remain open but also maintain safe and secure. The views are gorgeous even from here.

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