Cypress Rollback Swing

I know it’s still winter and cold, but it is not a bad idea to purchase some outdoor furniture for the summer that will come in a few months because it is cheaper now and because it’s a good deal. I am going to show you a special item that I think is spectacular and also simple in design. It is the Cypress Rollback Swing. What is so special about it is the fact that you can use it as a normal patio or garden bench, but if you change your mind and want a swing, you can take it off the support and hang it from a string metal or wooden frame. And then you will have a swing.


RollbackThese swings/patio benches are made of wood and they can be ordered in different sizes. The manufacturer makes them on order and you can choose the size of the swing and also if you want or not some other accessories. For example you have the option to order a nice flip down cu pholder table in the middle or maybe only a simple cup holder on one of the armrests. I find this wide choice of options pretty great, as you can make it personalized. The item has a variety of prices depending on size and accessories. The price ranges from $39 to $259.