How To Craft A Wall Clock Out Of Leftover Wood Scraps

Those of you familiar with DIY projects probably know all about left overs. Every time you craft something you end up with a bunch of scrap pieces, especially if, for example, you’re building a piece of furniture or something that requires wood. So what to do with all that scrap wood? Well, you could make a wall clock for example.


The basics you need for such a project, in addition to a few pieces of wood, include a clock mechanism and some numbers from 1 to 12. You could use some house numbers for this and, depending on their size, you can adjust the design of the clock. First you need to cut each piece of wood to the desired size and shape. After you stain the wood pieces and paint the numbers you can put these things together. The clock mechanism goes at the center.

DIY Midcentury wall clock from wood

If you want the clock to the round then you need to cut a piece of wood in this shape. It would be easier if you were to use a single piece of wood for this instead of having to put together several small ones like pieces of puzzle. For the project on sugarandcloth you’ll also need some gold spray paint and 12 dowel caps.

Rustic wood pallet clock diy

DIY projects made of wooden pallets are very popular and very numerous. Usually you’re left with some extra wood which you can fashion into a wall clock that looks like the one featured on craftsncoffee. You’ll have to cut them to size and at an angle and then stain them. You’ll secure them together with wood dowels.

How to make a clock from pallets

A pallet wall clock can become an accessory or a decoration that completes a room but can also be a thoughtful gift for someone close to you. The project is quite simple so you won’t need a lot of time or resources to complete it. In fact, you only need some pallet boards or reclaimed lumber, wood glue, plywood and some nails. {found on thistlewoodfarms}

Cutting board wall clock

Although round is a popular shape for wall clocks, this is not your only option. Check out the design on abeautifulmess. The clock featured here has an unusual shape which definitely makes it stand out. Only the edges were painted to outline this shape while the rest remained simple. A nice way of customizing the clock without making it stand out too much.

Wood slice wall clock

If you want your wall clock to have an industrial look then perhaps you should add some copper pipes and fittings to the list of supplies. The main piece can be a square piece of wood or an old cutting board. The copper pipes form a sort of superficial frame placed on top of it. You can find out more about this idea on dwellinginhappiness.

White washed wood pallet clock

You know those wire spools you see electricians use every once in a while? When all the wire on them is used there’s not much you can do with them spools. Well, maybe there are a few things such as a unique wall clock. It uses one of the circles from the spool which was sanded and stained and then numbers were painted on it. There’s actually no clock mechanism at the center so this is a simple decoration but you can choose to make it a functional piece if you want.

Corck clock

Although this project doesn’t actually use wood, it’s still a pretty interesting one. The wall clock featured on budgetbabe is made from two cork boards. They were glued together and a clock mechanism was installed at the center. There are no numbers on the clock and this gives a minimalistic and modern look.

Wood slice wall clock

When you’re crafting something yourself you shouldn’t expect the piece to look perfect. In fact, it rarely is. But all the imperfections give your project character. You can choose to embrace this concept and to design a clock that looks similar to the one on sweet-athena. It’s made from a wood slice and is far from being perfectly round.