Repurposed Tea Pots – Chic New Ways Of Enjoying Them

Aren’t tea pots just lovely? They’re very cute and beautiful and they come in so many different shapes, sizes and colors you just want to collect them all. But they lost their charm as they get older to the point where you don’t even want to see them anymore. Or do you? Actually yes because tea pots never get ugly and there’s always some way to repurpose them so you can keep enjoying them.


One option is to turn a tea pot into a chandelier. You can even use tea cups as shades for the light bulbs. In fact, just go ahead and use the whole set. You’ll have to find a chandelier which lets you transform it without needing much work. Once you have it, get to work and paint your tea cups and pot and don’t forget about the chandelier itself. Check out the Alice in Wonderland chandelier featured on kandykreations for more inspiration.

Teacup lamp tutorial

Another idea can be to make a teacup lamp similar to the one featured on dreambookdesign. You’ll need a large bowl, three tea cups or coffee mugs of different dimensions, three plates (large, medium and small), a teapot, some white primer and white spray paint, a lamp kit, a drill and adhesive. You can paint the pots and plates if you want or you can use colored ones from the start.

Teapot vases

Tea pots also make lovely vases and repurposing them this way is very easy. Actually, you don’t have to do a thing if you like the way the tea pot looks like. If not, you can spray paint it and maybe decorate it using a stencil or by attaching ornaments to it. You can then use it as a vase which you can display on the dining table as a centerpiece or anywhere else in the house. All that’s left to do is cut the flowers and make a beautiful arrangement. Check out littlemissmama for a cute idea.

Teapot into a planter

Similarly, you can transform an old tea pot into a planter. First you might want to consider changing its look. Give it a modern appearance by painting it matte black. If you plan on adding a cascading plant, then it would be nice to raise the pot on a platform. For that you can use a plate and two tea cups and stacked and glued together with silicone adhesive. You can find out more about this project on benjainkrudwig.