Cute DIY Tableware Tabletop Lamp

These days I took a look into the kitchen cabinets of my grandmother. I was amazed by the multitude of things that were there: old silver spoons, vintage teacups, some cute small bowls, an old teapot and all sorts of these things. I was even more impressed how she could keep all of them and even more in other places. I guess all these vintage tableware accessories remind her of the times she has lived, the moments when she was happy to buy them for her own house.

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I could not throw all of them as some of them looked very nice so I thought of those DIY projects where you can use this kind of vintage stuff and create some wonderful objects for the house.It is also the case of this really cute DIY Tableware Tabletop Lamp. If you are the owner of some vintage china teapots, pots, saucers and small bowls you are the perfect candidate for this project. Still you will also need some other things like:  Super glue gel, some self-hardening clay, a simple lamp shade and a socket-and-cord unit.

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If you have all these items you are ready to start your DIY project. One the things that are important for this project is to begin with a balanced arrangements of all these tableware accessories because you need to create something stable and resistant. Then you can follow the instructions which are necessary and your cute DIY Tableware Tabletop Lamp will be ready. You may also match it with the interior design of your kitchen and use it as a decorative item too.{found on countryliving}