10 Lego Crafts You Can Decorate Your Home With

When it comes to Lego, there’s no age limit. You’re never to old to play with Legos although it may look a bit weird for some to see a grown person have fun this way. But to those people we say “take a break and discover the amazing Lego world”. And did you know Legos aren’t only good for creating toys? In fact, you can make a lot of great pieces you can actually use in your home or as decorations.


A lovely thing you can do with Lego blocks is a lantern. Look for Lego pieces that are semi-transparent so the light can shine through them. Use them to build a rectangular prism with a hollow interior. There you’ll be adding an LED light. You can make several such lanterns, each featuring a different color.

LEGO lighting fixture

Speaking of Legos and light fixtures, check out this fun project. It’s a lampshade made entirely of Lego pieces. Several different colors were combined and the result is a random pattern with a colorful and fun design. Use this idea if you want to replace a broken lampshade or to simply add some color and cheer to a room.

Make a lego lamp

In a similar way you can create a funky-looking shade for a small table lamp. Such a piece would actually be a really great addition to a desk, whether it’s for your home office or workplace. You can leave some hollow spaces for the light to shine through.

Amazing lamp made from lego parts

Or, instead of building a Lego lampshade, you can make a lamp base using these colorful things. It would have to be stable and durable so you might want to also use some glue to keep all the elements together. Leave space at the center for the cord.

Handmade lamp shade with green color

Since you’re pretty much building the lamp from scratch, you can give it any shape, size and design you want. For example, make it look like a tower or give it an architectural look. You can make it a monochromatic structure or combine two or more of your favorite shades.

How To Make A Lego Minifigure Lamp With A Mason Jar + Lego Brick

You can use the Lego blocks to actually build the base or the shade of a lamp or to simply decorate an existing one. This particular lamp has a cute and funny design and the Mason jar base has a lot to do with this. Consider the project for your kid’s room. It would also be fun to let the kids get involved in this as well.{found on Onesavvymom}.

Night stand lego lamp

We continue the list of awesome Lego lamp designs with this one. The blue and green lampshade features an interesting design which projects the light on the walls in a geometric pattern. The base is Lego-themed as well.

Moomdapple lego lamp

If you’re brave enough, you can built the whole lamp out of Legos and then integrate the cord, socket and everything else as you go. The possibilities are infinite since Lego pieces come in so many different shapes and designs. This lampshade, for example, has a bunch of cute little windows.

Lego Blocks wrapped around lamp base

On the other hand, there’s also the possibility to use Lego blocks as decorations. For example, a lamp base with a hollow core and see-through design can be filled with colorful Lego blocks. This would change its look entirely.

LEGO clock

But lamps aren’t the only things you can build with Legos. In fact, there are other even simpler projects you can do with them. For example, a wall clock. Check out Kidthings for an inspiring design. You can be really creative with the clock and even change its design whenever you feel like it by rearranging the Legos or replacing them with new ones.