6 Fun And Easy Ways To Make DIY Wall Clocks

Wall clocks are the perfect decoration for just about any room. We say this because of their double role. Wall clocks let you tell time and this makes them useful and practical but, at the same time, they also function as decorations for that particular space. Today we’ll reveal six great and really simple DIY projects involving colorful wall clocks.


The first project would be really fun to make for both parents and their little ones. It involves 12 used color markers, a plastic box, a drill, some tape, a pencil and a small clock mechanism. The instructions are really simple. You remove the tip and the ink stick from each marker and then select a drill bit the same size as the marker tube. Drill a hole in the center of a plastic lid and 12 evenly spaced holes on its rim. Insert the marker tubes and add the clock mechanism.

Color block clock

If you prefer a design that’s simple and chic, with grown-up appeal, check out the project on Almostmakesperfect. You’ll need a clock kit, a wood clock face, acrylic paint and tape. Sand the clock face to get a smooth texture. Tape off half of it using painter’s tape and paint the other half. Let it dry, remove the tape and add the clock mechanism.

Moden colorful wall clock

Instead of only painting half of the clock face, you can try a variety of other designs as well. A few beautiful ideas are provided on Brit+co. Check out all the patterns and combinations featured here. You can easily reproduce them or you can come up with a design of your own.

Colorful Hook Clock

Another interesting method of building a wall clock at home involves using an embroidery hoop. One clock requires one hoop, one clock kit, one piece of fabric, a piece of cardboard and some decorative thumbtacks. Select the fabric you want to use and place it between the two parts of the hoop. Tighten the screw and trim off the excess. Create a support for the clock kit using two strips of cardboard. Add the kit and then the thumbtack if you want. {found on brit+co}.

IKEA clock makeover

A pile of paint chips can be your inspiration for a colorful and unique wall clock. Gather them all and cut them into small squares. Then, using a simple clock you can find at Ikea or pretty much anywhere for that matter, position the squares on the clock surface to determine the placement. Glue them in place one by one. You can then also add something cute in the middle. This is a project featured on kojo-designs.

Colorful outdoor clock

Happinessishomemade proposes a different and quite interesting idea. It involves a plant stand and paint in several different bold colors. The first thing you need to do is remove the caster wheels on the planter. Then you sand the piece and you paint it so it resembles a color wheel. At the end, add the clock kit and you’re done.