Cute Cherries Lamps by Nika Zupank

The first thing that came in my mind when I first saw these lamps was “ what a nice lamp for kids”. Indeed, the shape and inspiration source inevitably makes you think it’s a kid’s lamp. However, this was not the main purpose of this creation. One argument in this sense in the fact that the lamp is made of blown glass, so it wouldn’t be very safe in a kid’s room. Of course, if your kid is big enough to understand the risks that having a fragile lamp in their room implies, it should be ok.

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The hanging lamp by Nika Zupank comes in three different combination. It comes as a single cherry, as twin cherries or as triplets. The most common design that comes in everyone’s mind when they think of cherries is that of twins hanging together. Regardless of the number of cherries you decide to purchase, they will look cute no matter what.

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The lamps have a playful look and a delicious design that can’t be overlooked.Since it’s such a fun piece, it’s also very versatile. You can place the cherries in your bedroom to add some fun and freshness to the décor, in the kitchen or even in the living room if the interior design allows you to do that. Of course, the kid’s room would be the first options, especially if your little son or daughter has already seen them. The cherries come in several different colors, including black and white.