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Buy Apartments In London especially this two bedrooms apartment with split level located in a great location which has a grant rood terrace and an off-street parking .The apartment comprises of a reception room which has an opening towards roof terrace along with an ultra modern kitchen . The two bedrooms are very generous ones with the luxurious bathrooms and shower rooms.

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This apartment reunites two completely different styles. Overall, it seems like a modern apartment, with modern furniture and decorations. But at a closer look, you can see that there are some contrastive details that seem a little more vintage. It’s a combination that is very risky and not that easy to pull out without creating obvious discrepancies in style.

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For example, the living room is simple and modern. The coffee table is a perfect example for this. Still, besides the modern and simple furniture set, with the sofa and armchairs, that have a minimalist design and very few details, there are some other decorations and fixtures that create a contrast of style. It’s the case of the pendant, or more exactly the chandelier. It’s a very detailed piece, unlike all the other items from the room. The same goes for the bathroom, where everything is simple but still has a rustic and vintage touch. The bedroom is also a little contrastive.