Custom-made metal curtains and chains from KriskaDecor

An interior finished in metal in definitely something unusual. Interior designs are usually created using softer materials such as wood or fabric in order to get a more inviting and cozy atmosphere. However, KriskaDecor proposes a more different and unusual approach. It’s a very interesting alternative and a way to make a décor stand out.

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KriskaDecor offers a wide range of aluminum anodized chains, space dividers, curtains, decorative murals, shop window decorations and many others. These custom-made items can have any dimensions and they always delivered ready for installation. They can also have different characteristics. You can choose your palette of colors and you can also personalize them with logos or designs. They can also have a straight or undulated surface and they can be either fixed or moveable. The colors can be brilliant or satin and they can be combined in any way you want.

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These metal chains can be used in any way you want. You can use them as curtains, room dividers or wall and window decorations.It’s an idea that can be easily personalized and used in both private and public spaces. It’s a very interesting idea for spaces such as bars, coffee places, offices, etc. You can choose any design you want and personalize your shop, make it more attractive and go out of the box.