Small Loft Designed As A Multifunctional And Modern Space

Micro homes are not a novelty. They have been around for ages, in one form or another. Regardless of their structure, location and style, those designing them always had to be creative and to come up with new and customized solutions. The Domino Loft shows how such a project would evolve during our time.

The Domino Loft cubic volume overview

Living in a loft that’s as small as this one may not be an appealing idea for a lot of people. But wait till you see how the loft looks like before you judge it by its size. This is a custom-designed space meant to be multifunctional. It was a project by local fabrication, coding and fabrication firm ICOSA in collaboration with designer Peter Suen.

The Domino Loft fold-down bed

The apartment is located in San Francisco, California. The design firm’s belief that their work speaks for itself is quite relevant in this case. Their diverse range of personnel was able to bring creative ideas to the table which contributed to the creation of a unique and inspiring composition.

The Domino Loft hidden storage
The Domino Loft bench seat and desk

Space-saving furniture was employed throughout the project. All the necessary elements were incorporated into a cubic volume. It includes a variety of interesting elements such as the loft bed which can be accessed via a movable ladder.

The Domino Loft fold-down table and desk
The Domino Loft murphy bed

The ladder can be moved to reveal a series of storage compartments built into the structure. A set of shoe racks at the bottom and a shelf for hats at the top take care of these particular storage needs.

The Domino Loft guest bed

Underneath the loft bed there are plenty of other ingenious features. These include a dry-erase board wall which folds down to reveal a Murphy bed. When not needed, the bed folds up and offers access to the other features.

The Domino Loft ladder to loft bed

A fold-down desk can be used while sitting on the built-in bench. Both the bench and the desk feature built-in storage underneath them. The desk doubles as a dining table as well.

The Domino Loft ladder with storage behind

Additional storage comes in the form of open or box shelves incorporated wherever there was free space inside this cubic volume. Everything here was prefabricated off site and then installed here. It was an interesting project meant to show how with creativity and skill a small space can offer everything one needs for comfortable living.

The Domino Loft shelf for hats