Customize Your Furniture With DIY Drawer Pulls

This topic came at a perfect time for me because it just so happens I have a few broken drawer pulls in the house and I was trying to come up with a solution. DIY drawer pulls sounds like a perfect plan. It’s a nice way to personalize the furniture and it’s also a fun project.


Leather drawer pull

If you want to add some character to your furniture but to preserve the simple and elegant look it has, try leather drawer pulls. They’re easy to make and they complement traditional furniture perfectly.{found on thesundaysparkle}.


Animal drawer pulls

For the kids’ room there are tons of ideas you can use. For example, maybe they have some old dinosaur toys they no longer like. Use those to make drawer pulls for their furniture. It’s fun and it’s also simple.{found on mommo}.


Colorful drawer pulls

These lovely crocheted drawer pulls are very cute. They go well with the lampshade but, even without that, they’re still wonderful. They’re perfect for the bedroom because they make it feel comfortable and cozy.{found on sannaochsania}.


Bright jewelry pulls

You could also replace the old drawer pulls with colored beads. You can use an old necklace you no longer wear or you can buy something specifically for this project, something to go with the décor and the color palette.{found on dotty}.


Rope drawer pulls

For vintage or old, worn furniture, we have a special idea. You can use rope to make some great drawer pulls. You can make a knot and it will look great. It’s that simple.{found on designsponge}.

Rope drawer pulls1

Here’s another design for rope drawer pulls. They’re a little more elegant than the first ones we’ve shown you and they actually look great in the kitchen.{found on ckandnate}.


Turquoise drawer pulls

How about some lovely fabric bows? They’re very easy to make and you can use fabric that matches certain elements in the room for cohesion.{found on dearemmeline}.

Forks and spoons.

Kitchen utensil

For the kitchen we have a perfect idea: use forks and spoons as drawer pulls. They’re perfect and all you have to do is glue them to the cabinets.



You can also use materials found in nature such as stones or pebbles. You can attach them to the drawer pull hardware and they’ll give the furniture a nice authentic look.{found on lilliedale}.


Tree branch drawer pull 1

Similarly, you can use tree branches. Just go outside and look for some branches that have interesting shapes and give them a lacquer coat, cut them to size and use them as drawer pulls.{found on site}.


Champagne cork knobs 9

Champagne corks are just the right size for a drawer pull. They make great knobs and they’re super easy to install. All you need now is the champagne.{found on dollarstorecrafts}.


Paint brush handles promo

If you’re looking for a way to personalize your workspace or crafts studio, here’s an idea: use paintbrushes as drawer and door pulls. They’re perfect for an artist’s studio.{found on roadkillrescue}.


Superhero Drawer Pulls 5

If you think you’re talented then you can make your own drawer pulls. Use oven bake clay to sculpt some unique figures and shapes and get crafty.{found on site}.

Nuts and bolts.

Metalic industrial drawer pulls

Here’s an idea you can use for the furniture in the garage or in your work shed: drawer pulls made of nuts and bolts. It’s also something you could use in the house if it represents you.{found on lansdownelife}.