Customizable lamp shade by Park Woo Sung

When searching for a certain object we often find a design that we like but that doesn’t really feature the colors or pattern we want. It’s when we wish we could customize these designs and choose the elements we want. Certain interior design features allow us to do exactly that. One example would be this modern lamp.

Parkwoosung modular customizable lamp shadeView in gallery

Designed by Park Woo Sung, the lamp features a simple and modern look. Its design is customizable. In other words, you can control the size of the lampshade and you can choose the colors you like. As you can see, the lampshade is made from a series of blocks that are place one on top of the other. It’s like playing with blocks as a kid and creating all sorts of structures. The blocks are made of plastic in this case. The base of the lamp has three sleek feet, like a tripod to hold the rest of the lamp.

Each layer you see here is made of molded plastic. You can choose any color or combination of colors you want and this way you can customize the lamp and make it fit into your home’s decor. Choose bold colors if you want the lamp to stand out and to become a focal point or neutral colors if you’d rather have it blend it and impress with only its shape and design. Be creative and use your imagination. Create your own combinations and feel free to adapt the design to your own preferences.