10 Custom Designs That Will Make You Love Coasters

Coasters are those annoying things someone always insists you use. They can be practical but they’re definitely not something you enjoy. But have you considered that’s only because you don’t like the way they look or the material they’re made of? Surely there must be something you can do about it. The solution to such problems is almost always the same: a custom design.

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Everyone is probably familiar with those basic cork coasters that don’t really stand out in any way. They are usually decorated with custom images. But what if you don’t like any of those designs? Then come up with your own. Use a paint pen to decorate a bunch of those blank cork coasters and create something you’ll love looking at.

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Instead of a freehand design on the coasters you can choose the stamp alternative. Basically you’ll be using stamps to personalize each coaster. Before you do this you can also choose to paint the cork coasters in order to change their look. You can make them all the same color to create a matching set or you can choose a different shade for each one, also depending on the stamp you plan to use. {found on craftpassion}

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There’s also the option of using adhesive vinyl to customize a bunch of coasters. You could even pick a theme such as summer or beach party. A lovely design idea in this case can be the beach ball pattern featured on paintthegownred. You’ll need white, red, yellow and blue vinyl, something to cut it with and cork coasters.

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For the project on ilovetocreate the list of supplies is a bit unusual, including adhesive, cork squares and bike chain. First you trace circles on the cork and then cut them out to make the coasters. You could just buy a pack of plain cork coasters instead of doing this. Then basically you just wrap the bike chain around and cut it. Use glue to secure it to the coaster.

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Of course, cork coasters are only one option. You could also choose to use a variety of other materials. For example, you can make plywood coasters which you can decorate with cute little colorful pom-poms as shown on surelysimple. You’ll need plywood cut into circles, paint in different colors, a paintbrush, pom poms and glue.

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A different alternative can be to make fabric coasters. In the case of the project on indigostitches the interesting part, however, is not the use of fabric but the way it was printed. After this, you’ll be using two layers of fabric and two layers of fusible plus one of felt for each coaster. You then stitch around the edge to seal it.

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A similar but simpler idea can be to make felt coasters. The supplies needed include cork coasters, felt, fabric glue and a needle and thread. Cut the felt to size and, if you want, sew on a decoration. Then glue the felt to the cork coaster. You can find this project on thethingsshemakes.

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Crochet coasters are a chic and stylish alternative for those that want to try something different. They look really cozy and perfect for hot drinks. To make them you’ll need yarn in different colors and a crochet hook. You can find all the extra details about this project on lebenslustiger.

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The coasters featured on mypoppet are inspired by nautical knots. They use the French knitting technique. To make similar coasters you’ll need cotton yarn, a french knitter, a 2 mm crochet hook, a sheet of craft felt and some quick dry craft glue.

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On letsmingleblog a different and very versatile design idea is revealed: birch coasters. Each coaster is made from of a slice of birch wood. You can choose to paint it and then seal it with polyurethane spray or you can let it keep its natural color. Mix the paint with water and apply it with a paper towel.