Custom-made bookrack with pins by Gustav & Agusta

Everyone has at least one book in their home. You don’t have to be a collector to have a few books that you love. Naturally, you would them to be stored safely. However, you would also want to avoid using too much space for that purpose. As it turns out, a custom-made bookrack can be the perfect solution for that. This is a hanging book rack that has a custom design. It was created as an alternative for traditional shelves and bookracks and it’s a method that allows you to store your books without harming their pages and without wasting too much space.

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The clients were book lovers that were interested in a way that would allow them to safely store their books without damaging their pages and exterior. They found this method to be very successful.The bookrack comes with a set of 12 pins. The pins also serve as bookmarks. They can be moved back and forth on the bottom of the book in order to adjust the height at which the book is hanging.

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This method allows you to store books of different dimensions in a straight line, something that shelves could never do. The books rest on a small wooden plate and this allows the pages to stay intact. The string that serves as a bookmark is made of waxed cotton and is available in beige, dark brown and red, beige being the standard choice. The bookrack measures 74cm (29″) long x 4cm (1.5″) high x 2cm (0.8″) deep and the length of the back piece and the amount of pins may differ according to your specifications.Available for 210$.