How To Make Alphabet Pillows For Customized Interiors

Accent pillows are often used to add character to a room, to give it a touch of color or to simply make it look more inviting and comfortable. They can take a lot of different forms, featuring a wide range of designs, shapes and colors. Pillows shaped like letters are one section. They are mostly decorative, being used on living room sofas. The following DIY projects show how they can be made at home.

Alphabet pillows
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A really cute and interesting idea is to recycle some old jackets to make alphabet pillows. You can use these cute pillows in the living room to give the sofa or couch some character or in the bedroom. They could also make interesting gifts. You can customize each pillow with buttons, pockets and all sorts of other accessories.

Monogram letter pillow

One of the best things about these monogram pillows is that you can make them from scrap fabric from other projects. For example, you can use three different kinds of fabric as suggested by the project featured on classyclutter. Here’s how you make the pillow: you take a ruler and a fabric marker and you trace the letter on the chosen fabric. You’ll need one for each of the two faces. Then you’ll have to cut a strip of fabric for the sides. Pin the fabric pieces together and then sew them. Add the filling and you’re done.

alphabet letter diy

Alphabet pillows are also really fun to play with and can also be used as floor pillows. Kids would surely enjoy these for their playroom. Check out ohhappyday for a simple tutorial on how to make colored letter pillows. You’ll need foam, a serrated knife, a marker, canvas fabric, a sewing machine, thread, a needle and letter templates. Trace each letter with a marker on foam and cut it out. Then lay the letter on the fabric and cut out the fabric. Sew the cover and repeat for all other letters.

Ballon letter pillows

Obviously, you can make your letter pillows as simple or as shiny and sparkly as you want. On studiodiy you can find a few tips on how to sew the pillows depending on their shape. The examples featured here are quite eye-catching, given the golden fabric and all. They could look glamorous in certain contexts but you should make sure you don’t overdecorate.

Jack felt letters pillow

You can also find a simple tutorial for making letter accent pillows on pleasenotepaper. For each letter you’ll need to use two pieces of fabric. Stack them with the pattern facing in and trace the letter template on the back, making sure to make it slightly larger than needed. Sew the pillow, leaving a small hole to flip it and to add the filling. Then stuff the pillow and sew the opening.

P letter

The first step for all these projects should be making the template. You could print out some letters or draw them on some paper or cardboard. Then cut out the shapes and this will be your template. Repeat for all other letters. When cutting the fabric, remember to maintain the right proportions in order to avoid distorting the shape of the letter. You can find more tips and instructions for each step of the project on mamaskram.