Curves Tufted Chair in Purple and Chocolate Brown

After Button Back Chairs I come back with other two chairs in Purple and Chocolate Brown .The Tufted Chairs are made from solid wood and wood veneer, beautifully crafted with a kiln dried hardwood frame and covered with Dacron-wrapped foam cushions. Available for 530$ each, these two elegant and striking chairs blend perfectly the retro-contemporary styling.

Chocolate Brown ChairView in gallery

Armchairs are ones of the most common furniture pieces in the house. You can usually find them in living rooms. They usually serve as comfortable extra seats, usually for guests. They are a way of filling the room, because they are usually quite big.  This particular design is somewhere in the middle. It’s relatively big but it’s also very comfortable. And in terms of style, it’s also a combination of vintage and modern.

Chocolate Brown Chair

It comes in two color options: a quiet brown and a purple. Since people usually choose to have two armchairs, you can either to choose to match them by purchasing two of the same color, or alternate the colors for a contrastive image. So if you’re looking for a beautiful and comfy armchair for your living room but didn’t make a decision yet, add this design to your list. It would look very beautiful in either a retro décor or a more modern one. It’s very comfortable and it has a very soft fabric finish.