Cubkids Toddler Bed

Kids are cute and helpless human beings and they need all the help in the world to survive their first three years of life. They cannot do anything by themselves and they also try to gain their independence little by little by doing all sort of stupid things. For example they start rolling over the bed, not being aware that this way they can fall on the floor or drag some blankets over the face. This is why they need constant supervision and this is why they need beds their size. That is the best criterion in choosing furniture: respect the size of the owner: a small bed for a small person and a big bed for a big person. This Cubkids Toddler Bed is designed and made especially for toddlers, considering many of the problems that might occur and trying to prevent them.

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The wooden margins of the bed are very useful, yet very decorative at the same time and they look the toddler bed look great. The subtle nautical hint that reminds you a bit of a sailing boat make it even more attractive and nice. The colour of the wood is sweet and gentle for the little eyes and the mattress is firm enough not to let them smother but also soft enough to be comfortable. In short this is the perfect bed for your toddler and you can have it for $595.