Fun And Versatile Cube Shelves and How To Use Them

Cube shelves and geometric furniture in general are appreciated for their modularity. A lot of modern designs are based on the flexible geometry of such units or individual shelves. Also, a large variety of designs and combinations are possible using simple forms and shapes. A cube-shaped shelf, for instance, can be used as a standalone accent piece or in combination with other similar modules. Its design can differ greatly even though the shape stays the same.

Flip Shelves floating
The Flip shelves combine two contrasting colors and can be displayed in a variety of ways
Floating cube shelves
Use them as individual standalone modules or in groups to form a modular unit

Geometric shelves and units in general are also defined by a certain level of flexibility. Some designs allow the user to display the modules in a variety of different ways in a space. Also, cube shelves in particular can be used in groups and clusters to create interesting and unique combos. Consider combining several different dimensions and even colors.

Wall unit cube shelves
Designed with removable partitions, these geometric shelves allow multiple configurations to be created
Above the sofa cube shelves
Use geometric shelves in groups to create your own unit specifically designed to fit the space
Wall hanging cube shelves
Complex units and structures can be created using cube shelves of different sizes and colors

The versatility of cube shelves and geometric wall units goes beyond the flexibility of their designs. The fact that they can be used in a variety of different contexts and settings makes these accent pieces a suitable addition to any room of the house. Adjust their size and design to the specific needs of a space and choose the number of modules based on the form you want to create as well as the available space.

Wood floor cube shelves
You can display these shelves in a lot of ways, including on the floor as opposed to wall-mounted
Wall cube shelves
Instead of linking them to other similar shelves or modules, you can choose to display each shelf individually

In addition to being very versatile, geometric units and shelves are also really practical and functional. They’re really great when it comes to the organization of several individual items or the display of collections and small objects. It’s easier to organize books and other things when there are lots of small compartments to work with.

Living room with built in cube shelves
Consider built-in cube shelves if you want to put a collection on display
Large wall cube shelves
If you prefer a large unit, play with various different forms and sizes

It’s really fun to mix and match modules and to play with different forms, sizes and colors when putting together a wall unit or a geometric space divider or bookcase. Asymmetrical units are eye-catching and complex even though their design is intrinsically really simple.The differences of size or shape between the modules add a plus of interest and dynamism to the overall design.

Wall divider with cube shelves
Several different geometric modules can be put together like a puzzle to create a room divider
Different size cube shelves
The modules can be stacked and mixed and matched in a variety of different ways
Colorful cube shelves
You can make a simple design more interesting by opting for strong colors