Cube House in Barcelona

Until now, I presented you many houses surrounded by a lot of vegetation, places that communicate in a way or another with nature through open spaces. Well, now I will show you another kind of house, a minimalist, simple one. It is located in a pleasant residential neighborhood in Parets del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain and is designed by H Architects – David Lorente, Josep Ricart, Xavier Ros and Roger Tudó. The structure is basically almost a cube surrounded by 3 meters wide perimeter necessary courtyard, which is the minimum mandatory gap based on current regulations.

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The yard has only a strip of grass in the back, because in the rest it is paved with square concrete tiles which seem to be connected in different ways and intensities with the main interior pieces of ground floor. On the south, the yard communicates with the kitchen, on the west, with the entrance, and on the east with the parking place with direct access to the kitchen. In the north side of the house, a large terrace makes the connection between the interior side and the upper garden level.

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The house is made of black concrete block, a material used to solve the load-bearing wall structure and façade, also like all the surrounding courtyard elements (fences, pavements, benches), so all the construction works as a unit. Inside, the living area is simple, with dark surfaces and finishes decorated with elegant, minimalist decorations. An unique staircase separates the living area from the kitchen. This room is filled with modern furniture and stainless steel appliances easily hidden behind cabinets.

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To give warmth and color to this beautiful, comfortable place, the house has wooden windows frame and exterior doors in the same tones with the interior modern-decorated staircase, and to make it more romantic, a central fireplace was placed facing both the living room and the kitchen.{found on archdaily and pics by Pedro Antonio Pérez}.