Ctrl desk lamp

I am not afraid of the dark or something like that, but I still like to have a small light on when I wander around the house at night looking for a glass of water or checking the kids in their bed. But apparently it is a bit hard to find the perfect lamp that could be at the same time handy and easy to lit and also to spread a diffuse light that will not wake my kids up. After a few minutes of research I found the perfect gift I can give to myself and this is the Ctrl desk lamp. It is an useful night lamp, but also a funny gadget to have on my desk, as it constantly reminds me that I am a computer addict and this is a funny way of admitting it.

LAMP002500 01 L

This funny lamp has the shape of the Ctrl key from your computer keyboard and it is available in white and yellow. It casts a soft and warm light and can be bought for just $19.90 here, at Gadgets4all. It is very easy to use, as you only have to press it if you want to turn it on or off and it also makes a very good and funny gift for your computer geek friends.

LAMP002500 03 L

It saves energy, too, as it has a LED that works on a very little amount of energy and you can even leave it on the whole night without having too much energy spent. So stay in Ctrl and have fun, too.

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