Crystal Rain Lighting

I am born in summer and I really like this season. In summer rain is seen as a blessing and people enjoy it and not run away from it. In summer you can see the drops of rain falling from the sky and if the sun is also up in the sky you can see the rainbow. Summer rains are beautiful and when I see the raindrops I imagine they are crystals and diamonds falling all over the world. They surely look like ones. No wonder some creative designers had this idea, too, and turned it into a nicely designed lighting device. This Crystal Rain Lighting is a beautiful lamp hanging from the ceiling and having a particular and unusual design.


This ceiling lamp is square in shape and having a nice golden leaf finish. This is the shiny background for the 19 Swarovski Strass crystals hanging from it. When the light that comes down from the light bulb is reflected by these crystals, the visual impact is amazing and you feel like having a shower of diamonds on you. Of course you need more than one light bulb to obtain this effect, so you should know the fifteen 10 watt 12 volt JC G4 halogen lamps are included. The model presented here is smaller (only 15 crystals), but you can choose to have the one a bit bigger with 25 crystals. The product is made in Germany and sells for $1,191.37.