Crystal polyester table

Contemporary furniture no longer aims at impressing with the help of small details, accessories and decorations. The designer’s attention shifted towards the shape and the design itself. The simplicity and minimalism have become an important rule these days. So pieces such as the S Table have a very simple design and yet they are intriguing.The S Table was designed by Xavier Lust for MDF Italia. It’s a very stylish table with a design composed of a round or oval top and an S-shaped twisted stand, the element that also gave its name.

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The shape of the base with its delicate form and curves is the star of this design. It was created by placing the mix in a mold and then finishing it with a glossy coat. The top can either be round or oval and both versions work great in combination with the base.

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The top is made of 15 mm thick, clear or extra light glass or clear or extra light tempered glass. The top is also available in 30 mm medium-density wood fiberboard. These are the options available for the white version. The S Table also comes in a black version, in which case the top comes in grey smoked tempered glass. The overall dimensions of the round table are 140, 156 and 175 cm top diameter and for the oval versions the top measures 150×210 cm. The table’s height is 71 or 73 cm.