Criss Cross Bookends

I find bookshelves more useful and attractive than bookcases because they take less space and they are fixed on the wall, leaving the floor free. This saves space and allows you to move freely in your house. Besides, they are perfect for modern homes and you can place something else on them like small decorative accessories. Well, there is one think that annoys me , though, when I use bookshelves and this is the fact that they do not have a board at the end to stop the books from falling down. So I have to use bookends, which is kind of fun after all because they are decorative in themselves. For example I like these Criss Cross Bookends very much because of their unusual and irregular shape and because they look so fine against a white wall.

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The above mentioned bookends are made of cast resin and look like crazy black snowflakes. They give style and charm to your bookshelves, but also to the whole living room. They are very simple to use – you just place them in front of and at the end of the book row and that’s it. Their role is just to stand there, support the books and look nice. You can buy the pair for $40 at Selzer Studios.