10 Credenzas to Compliment Your Mounted TV

There is one thing about owning a television that is always a nuisance and that is that you never own just one black box. There’s the TV, which is a black square box, and usually some kind of movie playing box. Sometimes you have speaker boxes and game playing boxes and even boxes that let you watch more channels. Somehow you have to find a way to store all these things and mounting your TV on the wall isn’t a complete solution. But adding a credenza can help you get there! Here are 10 credenzas to compliment your wall mounted TV and give you a place to hide all those extra boxes away.

Mounted TV mounted credenzaView in gallery

If you want to keep your mounted TV looking sleek and modern in your home, consider installing a floating credenza. Make it black to match your TV and give the illusion of simplified shelving against all your other black boxes.{found on chiconthecheap}.

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Looking for a quick credenza fix for all your TV necessities? Run to the hardware store and buy a floating shelf to install below your TV. It’s a great option for small living rooms where storage must be compact and necessary.

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Obviously one shelf isn’t going to be enough for some people, especially the movie collectors. So instead of installing one shelf, install two! You’ll double your storage space and the simple design makes it easy to move if you ever want to put your TV someplace else.

Mounted TV long credenzaView in gallery

Fortunately, credenzas come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re finding that one the size of your TV just isn’t enough to hold your stuff, opt for a long credenza that will span the whole wall and provide as much space as you could ask for.

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Want a more eclectic look on your entertainment wall? Install floating credenzas at different heights. Suddenly TV essentials storage becomes a place to design and decorate which is just what your mounted TV needs.

Mounted TV cabinet credenzaView in gallery

When you’ve got kids in the house, it’s inevitable that you’ll have stacks of animated movies and extra game controllers. Build a credenza that’s basically just cabinets with a nice top. You’ll be thankful for the extra storage when it’s time to clean up.

Mounted TV on the wall painted white cabinetView in gallery

You don’t have to be a builder to have a nice credenza for your mounted TV. Buy two low cabinets and push them together to serve as a nice large storage space. You’ll enjoy all the styling opportunities you get from it.

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Entertainment essentials can be difficult to style in a rustic decorated home. Opt for a rustic wood credenza to bring that warmth and charm to your entertainment wall.

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Not all credenzas need to stand out to do their job. Paint your credenza the same color as the wall to make it blend instead of pop. It will make it seem like all those little boxes and remotes and movie cases just disappeared.

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If you have a fireplace, you might already have the perfect credenza. Use that lovely stone or brick hearth to compliment your mounted TV.{found on boulderarchitects}.